Translucent curtains. Tulle and sheer curtains design ideas
What is a sheer curtain? It is a curtain made of fine fabric that allows light to pass through so subtly that lights does not blind you. Sheer curtains are made of translucent fabrics such as yarn, linen, tulle. To decorate with sheer curtains, some people put them with thicker curtains when required total privacy or absence of light. The sheer curtains are placed in windows with:
Translucent curtains puddle length. Tulle and sheer curtains design ideas
Rail. They engage in several bearings running on a track. The first one moves by pulling a cord dragging in its movement to the rest.
Round bar. The sheer curtain is attached to a few washers inserted in a rod in which they run. They move by hand or by a rigid rod that is sewn to the fabric.
Rod window. They join a rod that is attached directly to a window.
There are also other systems such as fixed curtains that cover all or part of the window.
The use of sheer curtains today is fashionable and the trend is to use curtains longer than necessary, so part of the curtain rests on the floor ensuring a good fall (as this puddled curtain) that depends on the meters of fabric used.
Translucent curtains. Tulle and sheer curtains design ideas

Among the types of curtains, there are fluffy, lightweight, soft, elegant and decorative. The good news is that these beautiful fabrics are so light and economical, it's really a pretty cheap alternative and a good aesthetic choice to decorate your windows and balconies.
Moderate the passing of light but allow to be clear all day and bring a very fresh and elegant touch to your home.
This curtains are simple and chic, but the white curtains are the most used, you will find a wide variety of models in the market, no doubt, will suit your style. Smooth, embroidery, with decorative elements, stripes, flowers, organza curtains, etc..

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