1. What we should consider before installing a curtain or blind?
How to choose a curtain. The basics you need to know about curtains
The choice must be made according to the appearance or language you want to transmit through the different environments, whether to live or work.
Much depends on the functionality, ease of maintenance, coverage, privacy, light, transparency, harmony and warmth required. Among the models, they emphasize the sliding and folding curtains. As for blinds, vertical blinds of PVC are offered, horizontal blinds of wood or aluminum, rolling and folding made of bamboo. Bright golden curtain: damask fabric curtains by KOBE -
How to choose a curtain. The basics you need to know about curtains

2. What is the most durable curtain and why?
The curtains in jacquard fabric are more durable and more resistant in the range of sunlight block, since they are resistant to ultraviolet rays. On the other hand, the most resistant blinds are the 90 mm and 50 mm PVC films, simple and easy to maintain (can be cleaned with any abrasive).

3. What are the measures (maximum and minimum) which may have a curtain or blind?
How to choose a curtain. The basics you need to know about curtains
The maximum dimensions that we recommend for a curtain are 2.8 m to 3 m high. However, they can reach 5m. For aesthetic reasons, the minimum would be 1.20 m. For aluminum shutters of 25 mm maximum size is 1.60 m and minimum 80cm. The roll-up polyester fabrics "black out", "screen" and "flat" is 80 cm (minimum) and 1.80 m (maximum) wide with an average height of 1.50 m. Finally, the vertical PVC can be made of 50 cm (minimum) and 4 m (maximum) wide and an average height of 3.5 m. We must respect these measures towards the smooth operation and longer duration of the product.

4. How is the maintenance of each type of curtain?
If they are fabric curtains, maintenance is simple. You have to remove them from the gallery and remove the hooks. When the fabric is sunshade, they can be machine washed with detergent, but if it is tulle or brocade fabric is better to wash it by hand with mild detergent. In the case of blinds, you should only wipe them to remove dust.

5. What colors should I use?
Light colors give a greater feeling of spaciousness.
Also, light colors are more resistant to ultraviolet rays. Lately, people are also using warm colors or with different designs.

6. What to do when the products are damaged?
If the fabric frays, you should see a specialist in fabric manufacturing. As for the spots have to be removed with soapy water and carpet shampoo.
Source: - What you should know about your curtains by Jorge Salvatierra - Project Manager - Decorplas

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